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DarkElf on Jazz
the light is very nice indeed! great work on this self portrait too - they are not easy to do and i think you are a ...

Toomaj on just perfect
it looks like a "Written" on the wall, very nice

dess on Get in the box

Mags on Run away run away run away!
Nice picture, I like the framing.

Toomaj on Boredom
Still but alive, nice shot indeed,, I liked it

Toomaj on Get in the box
an expressive presentation of boredom, nice,,,

Slinger on Run away run away run away!
ha, great shot!

Eric on they love the Sun
lovely shot!

Eric on Waiting
love the green tones here. And has Prince Charming come yet?

Eric on It's Never So Simple
i like the contrast on this one.

Eric on Get in the box
i really like this! I like how they go from light to dark.

Ram on The one without a title
Lovely Portrait...... Excellent Backdrop. Nice color combination.... Just Brilliant 5*

dess on Waiting
Wow, thanks!

blistr on Waiting
The light is amazing and I love her pose.

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